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About Us

We are the Brighton Website Company. We work with clients across the South East of England and further afield to deliver work that is both visually impressive and effective in delivering their message, whether it be through a logo, website, social media campaign or video. Our approach is simple. We work with you to create aesthetic & usable design that gets results.

We are inquisitive

Here at the Brighton Website Company we have a team of experienced creatives who are passionate about finding the right solution for your business needs and it is this approach which will set your business off in the right direction.

Your business website and its consequent online marketing campaign are of paramount importance as a starting block for your businesses strategy and it is this very important business perception and website functionality which is our main concern.  We want you to look great, we want you to know your competitors markets and at our initial planning meetings we will make sure that we cover all bases with you.

We want to find out as much as we can about YOU and your business.

We are experienced

With many years of design, sales and marketing experience the Brighton Website Company offers invaluable advice and support to organisations of all sizes.

Whether you are a start up business looking to promote yourself quickly and cost effectively or a more established company looking to develop and grow the Brighton Website Company will ensure that you have the tools that you need and we integrate all your SEO, social media and other elements of your online strategy all in one go. Tourism, Hospitality, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Leisure, Construction are just a few areas where we have a fantastic track record when it comes to the build and design of websites.

We are adaptable

Every client is different and what will work for one may not work for another. Every solution that the Brighton Website Company (BWC) delivers recognises this and we work across a number a different media and technologies to ensure that the end result is right for you.

Using the latest online software we will make sure the platform we use presents the best possible design and perception for your site, what’s more we like to think that it can continually evolve over time to present a stronger online entity and it can grow with the demands of website advancement.

Your website designed by BWC will be unique and will work for you.