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What a pretty picture!

January 5th, 2013

Scotch tape portraits by Wes Naman offer a different take on conventional good looks.  

A year or so ago, more than likely in the build up to Christmas, Wes Naman made a discovery when carefully wrapping gifts that he had lovingly bought for friends and relatives.

What was that discovery? It was that you can have a lot of fun with scotch tape!  Now this is something that almost every kid, student or ‘big kid that never grew up and should know better’ has tried and probably documented to some degree.  However, Wes took it one step further and turned this into a great photographic project in which he takes pictures of distorted faces. You can discover the full collection on his website.

Scotch1 Scotch2 Scotch3 Scotch4 Scotch5 Scotch6

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