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Web Design

We create attractive, elegant, and easy to navigate websites that help you to increase brand awareness, get more enquiries and ultimately increase sales.

No two clients are the same, each will have something different to say about who they are and what they do and will want to express that in a particular way, often with specific functionality.

During our initial consultation you will speak with our Creative Director who will take time to understand what you want to achieve from your website and how your customers will interact with it. Only then can our designers start work on creating something special and bespoke.

We often like to work with WordPress. WordPress was created for blogging but has developed into much a sophisticated Content Management System which just happens to have a user friendly blogging platform built in.

We build websites for our clients within WordPress as it makes it really easy for them to manage their own content. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage your own WordPress website. It really is that easy and because it is that easy it encourages our clients to keep website content fresh and updated. You can access your website at any time and from anywhere and you can choose to have multiple users updating your site for you. All this means that Brighton Website Company sites are not only easy to access and easy to update but they are loved by all search engines, helping you to show up in your clients internet searches.

If you need to sell products directly through your website we can create stable, secure and beautiful eCommerce sites that handle online payment processing with ease. Whether you’re looking for a simple PayPal payment option or a full shopping cart and order system, we can create it for you.

Although we love WordPress and we know you will too, we can also design websites for you in HTML if you want something a little different.
Whatever you decide, we design your website to work hard whilst still looking great.


Website Copywriting

Good web copywriting isn’t only about the number of words on a site. Organization is just as important. Break your text into chunks that are easily digestible for readers who are glancing through your page. Divide these chunks up with clear subheads that tell the reader what the next paragraph is about. Readers can then quickly decide whether your site is right for them without even having to read any of the “finer print.” Bulleted lists are a great way to provide the most important information in a quick and easily understandable format.

It is also important to understand how your website looks in each different browsers and with different screen sizes so that you know what visitors see when they come to your site. Know how much of your home page is seen before having to scroll down, and make sure that the most important and eye-catching information is placed at the top of the page before the scroll.


Branding & Design

Your brand is essential to your success. Often it can be what first attracts a potential customer. Good branding is the window display of your business and we take time to understand your marketplace and what you want to say about your product or service.
Our creative team covers all areas of branding and design ensuring you have a consistent identity across all media. Brighton Website Company can help you to design everything from your website to business cards and eshots.
We know that good design really does make a difference and good design is functionality marrying effortlessly with aesthetics. Whether it’s a logo or a marketing material, we know its about how something works as well as how it looks.


Guiding small and large businesses through the labyrinth of the internet is our business and our passion. Whether you’re a small bed and breakfast in the Sussex downs with minimal budget, or a large multinational requiring an aggressive web presence, BWC SEO are a British search engine optimization consultancy with the skillset and experience to manage your online marketing campaign and deliver you the SERP results you’ve been looking for. We aim to bring all clients into the critical top three position on Google, so they can see their businesses grow. Long experience in the competitive world of search engine marketing, right from the birth of the internet, has helped us grow with the web itself.

Online marketing remains a growth market, at the forefront of technology innovation, that BWC SEO feels proud to be a part of. We see ourselves as industry leaders, and have scores of satisfed clients to prove it. Understanding the Google algorithms, keeping abreast of industry changes, and retaining a passion for organic SEO makes us who we are. As one of the UK’s top search firms, we make it our absolute mission to help our clients succeed.


Social Media

Most agencies would have you think Social Media is just about brand awareness and by having accounts with regular activity they can justify high charges and long contracts for running it on your behalf – well they’re wrong, Social Media for business is about much more and it needn’t cost the earth.

Social Media Management should be about a complete package of informative updates, image posting, company news and sales campaigns but all in the right balance. On top of this everything should be measurable – you need to know what you’re getting back from social media is more than the investment.

One of the biggest things that splits us apart from other Social Media Management agencies is our ability to work alongside your other marketing efforts be it Search Optimisation, printed marketing or even your website designers. In order for your business to benefit we have to ensure that all your efforts follow the same plan, especially with keyword phrases as the likes of Google start to pay more attention to social mapping.


Video Production

For every film success story there are thousands of well-made but lonely videos gathering virtual dust on unwatched YouTube channels.

The secret to our approach? We make sure you don’t end up in that second category. It’s about making your film both authentic and relevant to your target audience.

We invest the time and the right resources to:

  • Bring your firm’s personality to life on screen
  • Convey your company’s key messages
  • Understand your target audience, to ensure they engage with and respond to your film